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11/25 - Two new mini-articles - The "Holiday" Known as Thanksgiving Eve and Garfield's Thanksgiving - Video 

12/24 - Merry Christmas!  For your consideration, a mini-article about the ultra-rare 1986 Jim Henson Christmas special, The Christmas ToyAlso, I have put a playlist on my You Tube channel of Christmas-themed commercial breaks from 1986.

1/25 - Sorry for the lack of updates!  I have several articles in the works at the moment.  I have created a way to provide article feedback and bring visitors to the site.  Feedback can be left on my new Live Journal page.  The username is a nod to Hip Hop dance, which I started taking in September 2008.

1/30 - A new article...finally!  Saturday Night Live went "Commercial" three 1991, 1998, and 2005.  Your SNLGuru (yes, all one word) watched these commercials, and picked her top twenty favorites of all time!  Remember, feedback is welcome and encouraged on my new Live Journal page!

2/10 - It's been snowing in New Jersey like its the Midwest.  How are you coping with the snow?

2/11 - Posted in the wee small hours of the morning (while the whole wide world is fast asleep...sorry, had to throw a little Sinatra in!).  When circumstance puts MacGyver in a coma, can he come back from near death to save the day?  Check out my recap on the 1990 MacGyver episode "Passages."

2/11 - My rejected list of my ten favorite teen comedies from the decade of big hair, spandex, and neon.

2/14 - My How-To on Making Candy, with a Valentine's Day-appropriate theme!  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

4/20 - Wow!  Where have the last two months gone?  My apologies for the lack of updates, but work keeps me very busy.  I am now working for a non-profit organization that provides advocacy and outreach for those with developmental disabilities.  In response to the unnecessary use of the "R-Word," I am pledging to "spread the word to end the word."  Please do the same! 

Updates to come soon!!!!

4/21 - Pay thanks to an important Administrative Professional that you know, and learn about the history of Administrative Professional Week!

4/22 - Spread the word to end the word...give a verbal pledge to stop the use of the "R-Word."  This is an important cause to myself and the people I work with, as we serve individuals with developmental disabilities.  Rather than publish it to the main page, I have created a page to reflect my feelings on the word and policies for this site going foreward.  Learn it.  Know it.  Live it.  Thank you!

4/27 - Pop Quiz - Which Stargate SG-1 Character Are You? That's my spare time I search for "Which __________ Character Are You?" quizzes.  For your consideration, my character personality if I were to walk through the most famous alien transportation device in the world...or galaxy!

11/29 - I'm back...and I've written a new article!  For your consideration...a full recap of the 2003 independent film The Room, written, produced, executive produced, directed, AND starring Tommy Wiseau, and co-starring a bunch of bight-eyed young hopefuls looking for their big break.  I say they have the recap and see for yourself!

12/14 - Happy Holidays!  As time permits, I want to try and get out a few holiday-themed articles. Up first: a follow-up to my December 24, 2010 article about The Christmas Toy  and the Kraft TV Recipes from 1986 that aired during the special.  This is a full description of all the recipes that were featured during the special.  Thanks and warm regards to You Tube user Sastov1681 for her kind contribution.  Here's to you and your efforts!  :-)

1/11/11 - Happy New Year...Happy New Article!!  For your consideration, the story of how a five-inch-tall elephant wreaked havoc on a city and its residents, in my mini-recap of the 1953 Looney Tunes Short Punch Trunk.

2/6/11 - For your musical consideration, a look at Disc One of the Three-Disc anthology Michael Jackson's Vision.  We'll start in 1979 with the album Off The Wall and commence in the late 1980s with Bad.  Watch the King of Pop, before he well-publicized public behaviors became the focus of his image, as he pulls out all the stops in creating the art of the "short film"...because calling them "music videos" was an insult to his vision.

2/6/11 - An email from a co-worker charts an unrealistic route halfway around the world to Japan, thanks to Google Maps. 

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