I decided to search the internet for a "Which (TV Character) are You?" I found one for Stargate SG-1...and just when I believed I was Colonel Jack O'Neill (I swear, some of the questions were so spot-on)...I got a surprise...

Your results:
You are Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson
Jack O'Neill
Samantha Carter
General Hammond
A Goa'uld
Dr. Frasier
You are sensitive to the needs of
others and are a good communicator.
You always stand up for the little guy.
Click here to take the Stargate SG-1 Personality Quiz

Turns out I'm Cute Dr. Daniel Jackson (pictured here is Michael Shanks, who succeeded James Spader from the film version).  It's not all that ironic...I do wear glasses, I'm a nerd (I bet Colonel O'Neill would call me one), and there have been times where my hair looks like Daniel's at certain points early in the series (particularly in the episode "The Fifth Race.").  Turns out I'm not a Jack-type by only 3%...he came in at 79%!  And I'm about as far from Teal'c as it gets...but still, 15%.  When did I become a disgruntled former Jaffa First Prime?

Love Daniel?  I recently made this video with clips from the episode "Lifeboat," which aired during Daniel's return season, season 7.  As if it's not bad enough this poor guy was found naked and lacking memories of his life...this happened.  It's a great episode.

The song is Chris Cornell's Scream, which is a fantastic song.  The more I listened to the lyrics, the more it made sense with elements of this episode.  It's also one of my dance recital songs - I take Hip Hop, and while this sounds atypical of Hip Hop, it's a really cool routine. 

So, which Stargate SG-1 Character are you?   Click the link above to take the quiz, and let me know by posting feedback on my Twitter, Facebook, or Live Journal pages.

I plan on making more articles like this, as I find more "Which ____________ Character are You?"  So, stay tuned!

Thank you, as always, for visiting my page.  Comments are always welcome! 

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