Did I mention that Hell isn't cold either?  Nah, I didn't think so, but its not like no one knew that already.

The Northeast, for all its charms during the winter, is dumping one of its non-charming features on us...snow, snow, and yes, snow.  As soon as one storm ends, another storm begins.  It's inevitable - like death, taxes, and the stupid dream where the newsanchor tells you that this dream is being interrupted because "you don't have enough time to have it," followed by your cell phone alarm.  Oh...you never had that dream?  I did, and it was rediculous!  That was also the last time I went to bed after watching the news.

But I digress.

This snow has been crazy - since December 19, 2009, South Jersey has managed to get slammed with an astonishing 60-plus inches of snow.  And its not as though we've had about 10 storms that produced it...it's been a far smaller number.  Last I checked, which was earlier today, the total for the season was well over 63 inches.  Of course, we had 24 inches alone this past Saturday, which proves that when New Jersey does something...they do it with gusto. 

I was outside on Sunday afternoon, cleaning up my mom's car, and it hit me: this is what the Midwest looks like in the winter, not the Jersey shore.  The last I remember seeing snow like this, it was in January 1996, and I was 13 years old.  Of course, we've had snow storms for the ages between then and now, but that is the last one I recall being especially treacherous. 

The blessing in disguise was that every snowstorm we've had recently has always been followed by several days of pleasant (well, pleasant for winter means no whipping winds), sunny weather.  Which was the case this time...right up until the time the snow hit us on Tuesday, February 9.  I was standing outside late Tuesday night, around 12:15 am (which is something I never do, even on a warm evening), cleaning snow off of my satellite dish after the signal started fading, and felt an odd sense of calmness...something I don't normally reserve for snow storms.  There was something about it...in daytime storms, there are usually kids playing outside and people shovelling.  At midnight, falling snow takes on a whole other feeling.  It's much quieter and peaceful, even beautiful.  Treacherous, mind you, but beautiful.  I walked to the end of the sidewalk in front of my townhouse, and just kind of watched it fall, letting a brief time pass before I realized I looked strange standing outside at midnight (not to mention my left hand was cold from cleaning the dish).  I double-checked my satellite dish before going back in.  I felt that if I had any present stress (which at the moment, I thankfully do not), watching the snow last night would have helped.

I may sound contradictory, but I am content in how I feel about snow...I hate it, but in the same sense, it is very calming.

Now, if only the facilities people and plows will come clean up my street and sidewalk...its slippery out there!

Here's to surviving a historic snowstorm, East Coast!

Photos of the Snow - Taken on Sunday, February 7, 2010. 


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Thank you, as always, for visiting...and good luck surviving the snow and all of its treacherous aftermath!  More articles to come!!  :-)

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