Chances are, if you are visiting my site, you were lured by the fancy colors and the promise of interesting ideas.

Probably not, but I can aspire for so much more!

Welcome to my page devoted to my love of the written word, or words, because, quite frankly, there are more than one.

I go by alot of titles: daughter, sister, friend, cousin, full-time employee, dancer chick - all of these titles hold a relevance in my life.  I am, in fact, a daughter of two very loving and encouraging parents, a (twin) sister to my brother (and a sister-in-law to his wife), a full-time employee of a non-profit agency, a part-time student studying various Allied Health occupations at a local technical school, and a dancer of eighteen years (non-consecutively).

I am a Jersey girl by birth - I have spent my entire live in the state of New Jersey, being born smack in the center of the state in 1982 and migrating further south over the last 28 years, finally winding up in Atlantic County in 2006.  My ambition is to finally break out of the state of New Jersey and go somewhere warmer.  I'd aspire to move to Florida, but...wait, I do aspire to move to Florida.  I'll just move to an area where the old people don't live.

I currently work at a non-profit agency that serves developmentally and physically disabled residents of the county I reside in.  It is the first step in a good direction toward a real career that I so desire. 

My status is single - that's right, you're probably thinking, "Wow, this crazy chick is single?  No surprise here!"  Well, it's not like I was always single - I was in a committed relationship for 4 years.  And contrary to what I wrote in my MacGyver recap...he is not my boyfriend!

Oh, and hobbies - dancing, writing, reading, watching TV, watching movies, GOING to the movies, video games, spending time with my friends and family, blogging, and swimming.

And...that's me in a nutshell.  It's not glamorous, but it's something.  Parts of it are serious, parts of it are silly, but all of it is true.  So, I hope you will come back for some of those serious and silly parts, and enjoy all I have to offer.

See, contrary to popular belief, there is more than one of those written words.

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