The greatest advertising is the kind that delivers its point effectively.  Advertising, unlike movies or television, only gets an average of thirty seconds to deliver their point.  And if you can get the point across faster, in, say, fifteen seconds, that's smart advertising.

Corona's advertising has always relied on appealing to our sense of location - the commercials are always shot on a nice beach we'd all like to spend our winters at.  If anyone is shown in the commercial, they don't even need to talk.  The setting says it all.  They're also the masters of the "15 second point." 

That being said, in 2000 Corona aired a commercial during the month of October that gave a slightly different twist on Halloween.  It's the kind of Halloween you'd have on the beach in some exotic locale, if you could be there.

I proudly present my Halloween Commercial Pick - Corona's Jack o' Lime commercial from October 2000!

The shot of a refreshingly cold Corona beer (how do we know it's cold?  the bottle is sweating) containing a lime wedge sits in the foreground, with the clear blue ocean serving as the background.  A hand places a lime on the table next to the Corona bottle, fashioned to look like a Jack o' Lantern, hence, the Jack o' Lime!  And, as a "Happy Halloween" banner superimposes itself on the screen (and seagulls screech), a lone owl hoots in this early dusk at the beach.  Simple, effective, cool...and all accomplished in fifteen seconds.

Thirsty?  Of course you are!  Click the embeddable player below to watch this amazingly effective fifteen second commercial.



And there you have it, my pick for a great Halloween commercial.  I know for a fact that I have at least a few more commercials, all Halloween-themed, but I just can't resist this one.

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