My 2009 Dance Recital in Pictures

I actually cannot believe how fast the 2008-2009 school year went - it seems like it was last week that I was starting both my health care courses and my first Hip Hop class...and then June rolled around and we were in the week of the dance recital, and I had earned my Electrocardiogram Technician Certification several weeks earlier.  Honestly, it was a quick year, but the huge round of applause we received for both performances was well worth the nine months of hard work.

And, because I'm so proud, I decided to share some moments from the performance though some screen caps I took from the video.

Song/Artist: Hot Thing/Talib Kweli & Green Light/John Legend

Performance Date: Saturday, June 6, 2009

Performance Venue: The Performing Arts Center (PAC) at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Pomona, New Jersey

I'll just say it right off the bat - I didn't put the title there, but I did put the watermark there before I uploaded this to routine to You Tube.  It's not like anyone will steal the video, but it will also keep my video protected from some people in suits who will say that the use of this music is a copyright infringement.  I don't think of it as "copyright infringement," I think of it as..."creative use."  Which was the same excuse I came up with when my first You Tube account was disabled and later suspended.

So, anyway, that is the group of ladies...from the back.  This is how we started the dance - we each presented ourselves by turning around as Talib Kweli says "And you, and you, and you..." seven times.  This ensured that everyone got a solo.

And that's me, all the way to the left, with that short "blonde" hair.  And if my abilities as a dancer don't get me noticed, my hair certainly will!

And here's the whole group, lined up for their "audition," as Sam, our instructor (whose leg you can see here) makes his entrance to check out his "prospects."  This song was Sam's pet project, but he never had the right group to work with...until he inherited a group of adults as students.  In fact, Sam called us "Sam's Hot Things" throughout the time he worked on this routine with us.

At the end of the "audition line" part, we formed this huddle that became the next part of the routine, to the John Legend song Green Light.

"Shake just a little now girl..." the ladies work it with Sam.

No, Alex isn't flipping the crowd, that's just what happened when I paused the video!  She's getting her solo in.  Alex, I should mention, is the youngest in the class - she was almost 18!  She just graduated from high school, and took the class because the one she had signed up had much younger kids that she anticipated, and was one of Sam's students from another Hip Hop class.  And that's me all the way to the right.

Guess what, ladies?  I'm going to have my moment.  Sam and I "pushed" my competition out of the way as we performed this part.  It was an elaborate step involving alot of running (something we did plenty of in this routine), and was also the final part of the routine before we did...yes, more get to our spots on the platform.

And with one last look (and no, Alex is not flipping off the crowd!) everyone looks at the audience before making the final run to the platform...

From left to right - Alex, Meredith, Allison (Yours Truly), Maria, Vicki, Sam (our instructor), Dr. Maria (yes, she's a pediatrician!), and Michelle.  The Lovely Ladies of Adult Hip Hop, in all their glory!  And because we love our audience so much, we even waved to them, which happened as the lights faded.

So, you've seen the highlights, why not watch the whole thing?  Click below to watch the Lovely Ladies of Hip Hop dance to Hot Thing and Green Light!



Well, I hope you enjoyed this look at my 2009 dance recital in pictures as much as I enjoyed performing in this recital.  With a few more weeks until the 2009-2010 year starts, I'm excited about what's to come.

Thanks for visiting! :-)

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